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Beautiful Vintage Figural Scenic Porcelain Wall Tiles

Stunning early 1900's pair of porcelain wall plaques,
hand decorated in a classic Victorian romantic theme,
art work is especially fine, well executed, strong colors,
fancy brass filigree frames, velvet backings, secure,
no damages, wee if any aging, well preserved and lovely.

Item  0-48 F                $175.00    Now $105.00          Place Order via Email

You save 40% on this item and free shipping in the lower 48 US states. **

Fighting Roosters C. R. Stock 1.JPG (44458 bytes) Series of six fighting Roosters drawn and engraved 1a.JPG (51806 bytes) artist proof fighting Roosters 1b.JPG (38247 bytes) Fighting Roosters artist signed 2.JPG (43323 bytes) Fighting Roosters engraved 2a.JPG (49999 bytes) Fighting Roosters hand colored 2b.JPG (37852 bytes) Fighting Roosters engraved and numbered 3.JPG (42360 bytes) Fighting Roosters Titled 3a.JPG (53014 bytes) Fighting Roosters 3b.JPG (39891 bytes) Roosters4.JPG (42855 bytes) Roosters4a.JPG (49977 bytes) Roosters4b.JPG (63849 bytes) Roosters5.JPG (42398 bytes) Roosters5a.JPG (53454 bytes) Roosters6.JPG (40638 bytes) Roosters6a.JPG (50329 bytes) Roosters6b.JPG (40366 bytes)

Indeed, a rare subject matter, these fighting roosters are presented as a series of six, each
one signed as follows: Drawn & Engraved by C.R. Stock.
                                              London Published by W.C. Lee.
                                              Copyright Registered
Each plate is numbered, titled, briefly described and is marked in script, Proof.
As follows: PLATE No 1 - A START
                                 "Glittering in Golden  Coats, like Images.
                                    As full of Spirit as the Month of May."

                       PLATE No 2 - GETTING TO WORK.
                                 "When Greeks joined Greeks, then came the Tug of War."
                       PLATE No 3 - BUSINESS
"Fortune makes quick despatch, and in a day
                                      May strip you bare as beggary itself."
                   "be not quick to take offence
                                      But having done so; see that thou hast first blood."
"But yesterday the word of Ca'sar might
                                          Have stood against the world: new lies he there
                                           And none so poor to do him reverence."
"   ' Tis not in mortals to command success
                                                    But we'll do more Sempronius we'll deserve it."

Each of these original engraved drawings is double matted, showing even patina on both mat and drawing, with all six having the exact same tinting, as shown in Photo #4, please excuse any slight light reflections, all artwork is complete without irregularities.  I believe they were re-framed and matted around the 1940's - 1950's, that judgment is based on the style of the frame.  I have not been able to confirm but have been informed they are turn of the century, early 1900's, occasionally seen in the series of four, rarely seen in the series of six as presented to you.   Their condition is fabulous, free of stains or water spots.  The coloring is crisp and original, without fading, showing the full talent of the artist.  A couple of the pieces have a tiny dot of something on the interior of the glass that does not interfere with the drawings, not offensive and could be removed at the discretion of the new owner.   Framed size is 15 by 14 in., mat size is 10 by 9 in.  These are fascinating works of art that have been well cared for in a smoke free environment and are sure to create much conversation wherever they appear in your home, office or great room.

Item  4-128         $1195.00 set    Now $715.00       Place Order via Email

You save over 40% on this item and free shipping in the lower 48 US states. **

Steepled Wall Shelf.JPG (33765 bytes) Fretwork Steepled Wall Shelf 2.JPG (36870 bytes) Steepled Wall Shelf 3.JPG (39167 bytes) Steepled Wall Shelf 4.JPG (34132 bytes)

This is really a fine example of an early fretwork wall shelf created in a cathedral design incorporating either walnut or mahogany solid woods, sorry I can't tell for sure.  It still maintains its original square nails and has a very nice finish with most of the wear being a couple of old filled cracks, as shown in picture #4, well done and not very noticeable.  It's a large shelf measuring about 23 inches tall by 13 1/2 wide, the shelf area is 10 1/2 wide by 6 inches deep, nice generous size.  This is not a skimpy piece, the thickness is 3/8 inch, lovingly hand made and quite sturdy.

Item  9-414           $135.00    Now $85.00          Place Order via Email

You save over 35% on this item and free shipping in the lower 48 US states. **

Fret Work Clock Case.JPG (40040 bytes) Fretwork Clock Case 2.JPG (52448 bytes) Fretwork Clock Case 3.JPG (45451 bytes) FretWorkClockCase4.JPG (43547 bytes) FretWorkClockCase5.JPG (47691 bytes) FretWorkClockCase6.JPG (42952 bytes) FretWorkClockCase7.JPG (43658 bytes)

This wonderful Victorian fretwork clock case could be mahogany, walnut or oak but in any case a quality wood of old.  Heavy fret work design is very well done, I put some light on the first four pictures so you could see the detail with only a few pieces missing along the outer edge, nothing too offensive for a vintage piece like this, easy repair with a little woodworking skill, if desired.  The finish and patina is superb, very even all around with the truest color expressed in the last three photos.  I can't say for sure that it hasn't been reinforced at some time during it's many decades, very sturdy, it's a delightful piece in overall fine condition.   Measuring 16 1/2 inches long, 7 1/2 wide, 3 inches in depth and the thickness of the wood is 1/4 inch, it comes complete with hanging hardware, the backside has two small holes where the original clock attached.  Now it awaits your choice in a new or vintage timepiece for that special place in your home or office.

Item  9-11           $115.00  Now $63.00          Place Order via Email

You save 45% on this item and free shipping in the lower 48 US states. **

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Email: for quickest reply or by chance at 413-301-5092, please no calls after 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, thank you.



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