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Striking Antique Celluloid Figural Scenic Photo Album

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This is a wonderful and unusual Victorian era celluloid photograph album from the late 1800's to the early 1900 era, it's a fabulous antique photo album.

Antique photo album

I'm really quite taken by this dual presentation, first  it's sepia toned figural scenic portrayal and then those radiant and lively robust roses at the top section.

Antique Victorian celluloid photo album lady in the forest  Antique Victorian celluloid photo album embossed moon and stars



This is such an interesting album, in that it offers so much dimension. I can appreciate the sepia portrait and it's lovely damsel, as she gazes upward and away from her family's farmhouse. No doubt she is daydreaming of her future and her imaginations have no limit. As she looks onward, she sees only a new and colorful life, full of savory smelling roses. And aren't these roses exquisite, having wonderful depth of color and droplets of early morning dew. The roses are quite full-bodied and offer allure and magnetism to the upper portion of this celluloid album. The celluloid is in extra fine condition, no chips, cracks or damages. You may discover some minor aging when tipping the album to the light; a minor scratch, a tiny scuff and a minuet little dimple but nothing that structurally effects the celluloid, either in value or in condition, the celluloid is truly wonderful.


The exterior of the pages, as you can see, are covered in gold gilt, almost looking pristine in appearance. It's getting exceedingly harder to find celluloid albums that offer this much charm along with respectable condition. This album maintains it's entire clasp, both upper and lower sections and is in good working order, if anything, it's a little snug. The spine and binding on this album are in excellent, sound condition and suffer no problems. The spine and backside of this album are covered with an expressive and colorful Victorian velvet fabric, which compliments the album beautifully. The main background color of the fabric is a deep ruby red. I'm not sure my photo is capturing it perfectly, it's very ruby and very pretty. The velvet is in overall striking condition with the little expected wear on the spine, corner and edges but nothing too naughty, it's very nice and, for the most part, clean.


The album has 14 pages that hold 2 photos on each page at the approx. size of 4 by 6 inches. The photo areas are decorated with a wide band of gold stenciled design and a branching of green ivy leaves. Many of the interior pages look very good and the remainder have varying degrees of paper loss and/or slot tears around the photo areas. The last 2 photos show a representation of these pages and their varying conditions. This album is average in weight and size at 8 inches from side to side, 10 inches from top to bottom and it is 2 inches thick. Overall, I rate this album as being in wonderful condition with near pristine celluloid, complete clasp, excellent exterior gold gilt, strong spine and binding, great fabric and a useable decorated interior. I adore the subject matter on the celluloid and I believe that you will be captivated by it as well. Please consider adding this album to your treasures today, it is a very special and unique Victorian celluloid picture album from the late 1800's.


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Art Nouveau lady portrait antique celluloid photo album

Antique celluloid photo album with winter scene and cameo portrait

Antique Victorian celluloid photo album portrait lady with roses bouquet


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