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Antique Celluloid Vanity Box Mirror Brush Comb Set

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This is an exceptional find, a turn of the 1900's antique celluloid vanity box accompanied by it's original Gutta-percha hand mirror brush and celluloid comb set.

I truly cannot tell you the last time I was able to offer one of these sets, never mind a set that is in such extraordinary condition as this one presents itself.

Antique Victorian celluloid photo album lady in the forest   Antique Victorian celluloid photo album embossed moon and stars



It's a rare treat indeed to find a celluloid vanity box that has been signed and titled, this one the "Wood Gatherers". Very few of these boxes are titled and this entire ensemble is simply as charming as can be found. Two young women are by the side of the stream, gathering up wood for the evening, as the sun sets behind them. The snowy ground reveals the season, the colors are soft and the mood is serene and tranquil. The celluloid top is in superior condition with no nicks, chips, crazing or structural issues of any kind. Under the farthest left tree, there is a tiny bit of discolor, it is on top of the celluloid not under it, it could possibly clean off but this box is in such great condition that I dare not fiddle with it, as it's hardly even noticeable. This celluloid top is nearly pristine, clean and I really can't find them any better.


The interior continues to surprise me with it's near perfect, ageless silky satin pink lining, which certainly does not show it's over 100 years of age. In fact, I have never seen an interior as good. It is original, I just don't think this box has been opened for many decades. Any aging is very minor and the fabric is bright and not faded. This set was purchased from an Ohio auction where it seemed like many of the items had not seen light in a long while. Inside you will discover the original Gutta-percha dresser set which includes the hand decorated mirror, brush and celluloid comb. Gutta-percha is a natural latex that is very resilient and is made from the sap of certain tropical trees. This particular set looks like it has sat in it's box for many decades and the pieces do stay very secure in their intended positions. As shown, the brush bristles are looking unused, clean and full. The top side of the brush has some scuffing and a few scratches, the top side of the mirror much less so. The celluloid comb is complete. The original bevel mirror still shows an image, although it is speckled, however, these Gutta-percha hand mirrors are usually found totally darkened so this one is quite presentable.


The decorations include hand painted details on raised embossed florals, leaves and scrolling designs. It is marked, as shown, made under a nice early patent number, which would have been issued in 1901, according to the US Patent and Trademark office. The dresser mirror, brush and comb set are in extremely well kept condition, rarely seen this nice. There are no cracks in these dresser accessories, I found only one tight craze line on the handle of the brush, not a crack. Normally these Gutta-percha pieces are found cracked in several places, as the latex would dry over it's 100 years, it would naturally shrink and crack, that is not the case with this set. Again, this set has not been exposed to the elements, heat or sun so the condition is quite unusual.


I'm being overly generous with the photos because I want you to see it all. The exterior of the box is covered with a shiny paper that appears to resemble celluloid, I actually thought it was, until I took a much closer look. The coloring is a beautifully blended array of earth tones with the primary shade being somewhat of a molted burnt orange, along with green, brown, gold and maroon, all bleeding into one another, it's quiet attractive and suits this box very well. My photos show how lovely it is, with very little losses here and there , certainly nothing offensive and so much better than what is usually seen on these boxes. The clasp and hinges are perfect and function as they should, the box stays shut nice and snug.


The bottom of this box is also covered in paper and if you look very closely, at the very top middle edge, you might detect the date 1905. It is very faint and I did not even see it until I was looking at the photos. This box measures 8 inches at the widest from side to side, 5 inches from front to back and it sits about 2 inches tall. The hand mirror, brush and comb measure proportionately to fit comfortably inside the box. I can't stress enough the fabulous condition of this set. I believe that when you see this antique celluloid box set, you will agree that it is a special vanity treasure filled with some enchanting dresser accessories. I will also be showing this set in my hand mirror category so everyone is sure to find it.


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Antique Victorian celluloid photo album lady in the country large roses

Antique celluloid photo album with winter scene and cameo portrait

Antique Victorian celluloid photo album portrait lady with roses bouquet


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