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 Langlois and Jargeais French bleack beaded Limoges porcelain purse     French intricately beaded evening purse enameled frame for Saks Fifth Avenue
Hi Carol, I received the purses.... and they are wonderful! The black beaded purse with the porcelain plaques is a beauty. I love the red beading on the very top of the frame. The porcelain plaques amidst the lovely gold beading are so well done. This purse speaks of elegance and refinement. The beaded pastel evening purse is incredible. The pastel colored beads are sewn in such a way that amazing patterns and flowers are created. The frame of the purse provides "jewelry" for this amazing work of art. What wonderful colors! Oh, yes, I don't want to forget to mention how adorable the handle of the purse is. The small flowers provide such a lovely finishing touch. And of course, the repairs you made on the two purses I sent  to you are just right! The yellow beading on top of the frame of the white purse looks even better than I had imagined. The charcoal gray purse looks great .  Many thanks! The packaging of all the purses, as always, was done with such care. Carol, you have such a talent for picking out such beautiful purses. Where do you find them all........... Best regards,  

Eileen S., Baltimore, Maryland

Antique 17 inch lathe turned dough bread bowl

Hi Carol, The bowl arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you!

Margie  S., Niles, Michigan

  Vintage 1940 blue mother-of-pearl powder compact  Hand painted floral pin artist initialed  Antique T&V Limoges porcelain butter tub with liner insert
Hi Carol, Yes, I have opened the package with the brooch and very sweet treasure, oops, butter dish and the compact. The compact is divine so so pretty. Am looking forward to putting it in the ballerina bag when I open it. Will be in touch,

Clare M., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vintage 1900 - 1920 mesh purse with snake heads antique Egyptian bag

WoWWW!!! I just received my purse! It's Breathtaking!!!!! Thank you sooo Much Carol! ... And you are Fast Too!! Thank you for your Thoughtful note and your Careful packaging too... It arrived here in Perfect Condition! I Really will Cherish this Forever!!!  Warmest Regards,

Ann Marie F., Senoia, Georgia

Vintage Delill pastel micro beaded evening purse paisley

The beaded bag is gorgeous and Carol was so careful to describe the bag, yet it was even more delightful to receive it and admire it. I have never collected any vintage women accessories and now am hooked thanks to Carol's treasures and their descriptions and her personal consideration and thoughtfulness.

 Clare M., Victoria, Australia

Primitive large antique 1800's Iowa dough bread bowl 18 inches

Hi Carol: The dough bowl arrived safely and I love it!!
Thanks so much!

 Jean K., Boston, Massachusetts

Antique beaded purse with Victorian filigree celluloid frame and long fringes

Victorian 1900 beaded puffy purse with needlepoint center

Hi Carol,  Everything is fine.
I have the two purses in my home.  They are lovely.
All is well in ď purse heavenĒ.  Iíve started a very nice collection thanks to your expertise. Stay in touch,

 Jeanette P., West Hempstead, New York

Michel Swiss vintage 1930 1940 white beaded pastel flowers and enameled frame evening purse

Yes Carol, I got it.  Just opened it.  Just gorgeous.  One of my favorites.  Just want you to know that I love all my bags so much.  I sleep with the Michel Swiss on my night table. It is so fabulous.  Can't wait to see the Helene Dale.  Am heading back to California soon.  Will be in touch.  Thanks again for all your help and your love of art.  These bags are truly a masterpiece. Best always,

 Ellen G., New York and California

1900 French pink steel beaded purse with jeweled frame near pristine

I'll call you over the weekend.

Dawn P., East Williston, New York

Antique Art Nouveau beaded purse lyre design thick fringes

Hi Carol,
All I can say is the purse is breathtaking.
I canít wait to arrange it with my other purses.
Thank you for your expertise and quality.
Looking forward to your updates.

Jeanette P., West Hempstead, New York

Vintage Walborg French white beaded evening purse 8 porcelain discs     Vintage elegant French beaded evening handbag decorated frame
Hi Carol, My purses have arrived, thank you so much! They are absolutely exquisite, just like in the photos and how you described them. I believe you when you say that the greatest of care and hours of work go into restoring some of these bags, I am a collector and they are the best quality purses I have purchased on the internet. I will definitely buy from you again as a trusted source if the right purse pops up, will be following your updates page. But that Degas purse is very lovely! Thank you for the correspondence and all the updates about the progress about the shipping, I found you very professional. The purses were so well wrapped. I enjoyed the entire experience from browsing to purchase to having the beauties in my hot little hands. Love, love, love! Thank you!

 Shirley M., Western Australia

Vintage 1930 1940 Caron French black beaded petit point purse

Hi Carol, The purses arrived and they look great! The repairs on my purse are wonderful! The sparkle of the beads and even the rhinestones are lovely. Very pleased. Also, the chain on my purse looks so much better! Thanks for your detailed attention!  The Caron bag is what I expected. Splendid sparkle of the black beads and beautiful petit point. Cute little mirror in the pocket. The packing of the purses was done with much care.  The Caron purse is a beautiful work of art . I am so pleased with the purchase of such a skillfully crafted piece. I can only imagine the hours it must of taken to make. As a repeat customer, I want to emphasize how nice it is to buy such beautiful items from your website. Your timely responses to emails and swift mailing of purchases instills confidence. It is a pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks for the lovely note. Regards,

Eileen S., Baltimore, Maryland

Rare porcelain backed hand mirror brush comb vanity set with unusual hunt scene and stunning gold gilt

Dear Carol, I have received the hand mirrors and they are beautiful. The hunting set is very unique and I could see even more detail while holding them. They will fit wonderfully into my collection. Hope to purchase more in the future.
Thank You So Much

Fran C., Springfield, IL

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Hi Carol,
I received the compact today.
It's absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you so much for the extra effort to arrange shipping.
I will enjoy this treasure :) 
All the best,

Gini K. W., Ontario, Canada

1920 Whiting Davis mesh purse enameled baskets of flowers on the frame

French 1930 pastel beaded evening purse enameled frame

Dear Carol, The two beautiful handbags arrived today. I will treasure them and use them for every special occasion from now on. In particular the French beaded evening bag is spectacular, so happy to have it. I know very well how many hours of work go into making something of such quality, so it will be much admired and appreciated. Thank you and best wishes,

Tatiana S., Katwijk, The Netherlands

Large Antique dough bread bowl late 1800's Michigan hand tuned bowl         1930 Munising small Tiger maple bowl awesome graining
Hi Carol, I'm so sorry I forgot to email you when the bowls arrived. They are beautiful and arrived undamaged. Please keep me in mind for anything new that comes in, without hanging holes. I still would like to have something in between the two sizes you just sent and one a bit larger than the larger one. Thank you!

Elizabeth B., Winter Park, Florida

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 Ed B Robinson French black beaded and decorated evening purse 1940 handbag         Vintage 1930's Dofan French elegant black beaded evening purse gorgeous frame
Good morning Carol, All is well with the purses! They arrived yesterday. The repairs terrific, the others, beautiful. That is some repair job on the handle of the discs purse!  And the pearls are just right! I am so very pleased with the purses and the repairs.  Best,

Eileen S., Baltimore, Maryland

1897 Hand painted Limoges vanity dresser set of trays

Hi Carol, Thank you for the follow up and I have collected my parcel.  The trays are just beautiful!  Your service has been excellent and much appreciated.

Nancy H., Los Gatos, California

Antique Victorian hand painted blue opaline glass vanity hand mirror late 1800's

Hi Carol,
The mirror arrived in the mail yesterday and my wife opened it today for her birthday.
It is beautiful and she loved it.
The quality is everything we could want.
Thanks for everything.

 Bob S., Eureka, California

Antique Art Nouveau hand mirror brush vanity set pink roses

Dear Carol, just to let you know your beautiful antique brush and mirror set arrived, beautifully packaged and in beautiful condition!  Our daughter returned from her honeymoon and when we gave her the set, she was just thrilled.  She loved it and said she will cherish it always.  She deals in heirloom and antique jewelry so she appreciates the vintage preservation and beauty. Maybe this gift will be a heirloom of her own.....thank  you again for your tender loving care.  Hope your move is going well, it can be very frustrating, but good.  Have a wonderful day....and thank you again.

Pat C., Yardley, Pennsylvania

Huge antique oval trencher dough bowl 1900

Dear Carol, The bowl has arrived. Thank you for packing it so well as it arrived in perfect shape. Both my wife and I are very pleased with the bowl and it will receive good use in our country kitchen. Its been a pleasure doing business with you.
Kind regards,

Ricardo S., New York, New York

Micro petit point sheppard scenic purse celluloid overlaid frame ca. 1900

Vintage 1920 - 1930 French black beaded and embroidered evening purse with enameled frame

Hi Carol, I picked up your package today amid much excitement. Although I am still to examine the purses in detail, I can tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with them. It's funny how, contrary to the norm, needlework never seems to be done justice in photos (and yours are some of the best I've seen). Both purses in the flesh are even finer than I'd anticipated, particularly the beaded, enameled, tambour embroidered little treasure. That purse is truly something special, and the Petit is definitely one of the loveliest I've seen. So to say that I'm extremely happy is a vast understatement! I'd also like to thank you for the very generous lay-by conditions, which most definitely made it much more viable for me to be the next starry-eyed owner of these purses. Also for your impeccable professionalism and friendly service.  Your website will continue to remain a favorite and I look forward to many more years of doing business with you. Thank you again Carol.

Kathryn R., Victoria, Australia


Vintage hand embroidered evening clutch purse with Degas ballerinas

Carol. It is incredibly beautiful. It looks so new!! When you do think it was made?? I should keep a copy of the description you prepared for future reference. Thank you sincerely. It is a real treasure and I'd love to know what parties and soirees it has been to! Do let me know if and when you come across some particularly exquisite girly type purses/clutches again....Thank you and god bless,

Clare M., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vintage 1920 - 1930 Czech ruby jeweled perfume bottle

We received the order.
Everything is fine.

Diana B, Dubai and Russia

Vintage 1930 1940 Josef designer beaded embroidered purse rhinestone frame

Change Purse beaded pastel tambour Walborg Belgium
Yes Carol.  They arrived safe and sound. The little change purse goes beautifully in the Helene Dale so I put it inside. The Josef is what I expected. I love the pattern and colors and that it is a substantial size.  Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Ellen G., New York and California

Victorian porcelain hand mirror brush vanity set roses and violets

Dear Carol,
I have just received the set.
It is lovely!
Exactly what I was looking for, and I am very happy.
Thank you very much.

Denise B., Cutler Bay, Florida

Vintage French beaded scenic embroidered purse enameled frame

Hi Carol: the bag has arrived and it is breathtaking. That is the ultimate beaded bag. It is unbelievable. The work is so intricate. The colors are subtle and elegant. It is a painting in beads.  Wow what a masterpiece. I am so lucky to have it.  And so appreciative that you sold it to me. I will love it forever and think of you whenever I look at it and touch it.  Actually, one could wear this with a black or gray suit and pumps and it would be fabulous.  It is one of a kind and I marvel how you find these things. Keep it up. You are spreading joy and beauty all over this world we live in. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. This is one customer who cherishes your diligence and commitment to creative genius. Gratefully, as always, 

 Ellen G., New York and California

Victorian porcelain hand mirror brush vanity set purple white florals fancy rims Art Nouveau handles

    Antique porcelain dresser vanity hand mirror with multi pink burgundy flowers  Hand painted all roses dresser set 1920 Limoges Austrian 6 vanity pieces

We received the order. Everything is fine.

Diana B., Dubai and Russia

Helene Dale French beaded embroidered evening purse from Paris

Hi Carol:  I am back in California and guess what was waiting.  The Helene Dale.  It is the ultimate dainty floral bag. What is so gorgeous is that it has such a wonderful pattern.  Very beautiful.  A true treasure.  I am looking at it right now.  The beads are shimmering.  Thank you again for brightening my spirits with your exquisite bags. As always,

Ellen G., New York and California

Vintage Freddy of Paris cream white roses beaded purse enameled frame    
Yes Carol, it does feel like Christmas. The box arrived.  Where do I start.  The Freddy is so cute and pretty.  You can cup it in your hand.  So sweet.  A lovely bag that I will treasure.  But the ultimate bag is the Josef.  My God what a bag!  Just so gorgeous.  A treasure for sure, for always.  What can I say except you are a wonderful addition to my life.  I love your bags and your professionalism is such a welcomed treat.  God Bless, and I'll let you know about the Michel Swiss.  Also I like another one it is PS9-76G.  Please advise which one you think I should order.  Thanks again.  I love all my treasures.  You are a true delight.

Ellen G., New York and California

Vintage English petit point purse 1800 stitches to the square inch

Hi Carol,  The purse arrived today.
The workmanship is stunning.
Iíve done needlepoint in the past but this is on its own level.  Keep me updated on all types of purses. Thank you.

Jeanette  P., West Hempstead, New York

Antique French Limoges hand painted mirror brush vanity set

Hi Carol, The mirror/brush set just arrived.
Your photos are excellent, but this set is even
more beautiful in person.
The handles and frames are stunning!
 Thank you so, so much.
Your pieces NEVER disappoint!

Adrienne H., Winfield, Illinois

         George Baring of Paris beaded make-up pouch
Hello Carol, thank you for the purses that arrived safely.
I adore them. Thank you for such a great transaction, warm regards,

 Selma O., Victoria, Australia

Vintage Delill designer white beaded evening purse with Limoges porcelain figural romance plaque 1930 1940

Carol, I received the purse today. It is a lovely purse. I appreciate how carefully you wrapped it, as it pouring rain here. Pleasure doing business with you. 

Katherine D., Seattle, Washington

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Antique butterfly beaded purse 

Vintage sterling silver fine mesh purse handbag

Hi, Carol!  The three purses are beautiful!  I canít wait to see what else you have to offer.  Iíve looked at a few other sites but you seem to have the best selections------very elegant in each category.  Enjoy your vacation.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Sincerely,

Jeanette P., West Hempstead, New York

Antique celluloid photo album with winter scene and cameo portrait         Antique Victorian celluloid photo album with embossed violets and a winter cottage scene
Hi Carol, I have received the album:-) They are amazingly beautiful. Perfect condition and the pages are beautiful. This is the perfect album to put pictures of my ancestors in. Hopefully these albums will last for many generation to come. (the custom did not charge the extra fees) Thank you so much for shipping me these albums:-) All my best,

 Ramona H., Bergen, Norway

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Victorian watered silk embroidered purse filigree frame

Hi Carol, The purse just arrived and it is every bit as gorgeous as you described. Its condition is exceptional and the color...stunning.  I love it! Thank you again.  

Adrienne H., Winfield, Illinois

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Vintage Limoges Goumot-Labesse porcelain egg perfume casket mini bottles

Hey Carol, I received the egg yesterday.
I havenít unpacked it yet; no private time yet.
Iíll be careful unpacking.
Thanks very much for the quick processing and shipping.
I wish you all the best in your travels and your Christmas.
Take care,

Joseph D., Evans, Georgia

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Vintage 1940 floral micro petit point purse mother of pearl frame made in France

It is beautiful!
Thank you.

Alina F., Henderson, Nevada

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Antique Art Nouveau porcelain backed hand mirror with violets

Hi Carol, The hand mirror came today.  My wife had just finished unwrapping it as I got home.  It was in perfect condition.  She loves its weight, size, and quality.  The violets were perfect.  Reminded her of her grandmother.  Thanks for everything.  It could not have been a better gift.

Bob S., Eureka, California

Small French hand beaded and embroidered clutch purse 1930 1940

The beautiful clutch arrived yesterday and I adore it.
What a lovely pieceóand how great of you to get it to me so quickly.  Thank you!!!

Ruth C., Beaverton, Oregon

1920 Vintage French beaded and Tambour embroidered evening handbag

Hello Carol, I received your parcel today.  It arrived totally intact and in perfect order thanks to your secure packaging. The little bag is just as described in your excellent web-site.  It is a real little gem.  The workmanship is so intricate, unspoiled and the size is perfect for my collection.  It will be well cared for and loved in it's new home.  Thank you so much. I shall have to save my pennies so that we can do business again. I also appreciated the pretty little card. With Best Wishes,

Patty F., Gloucestershire, United, Kingdom

It arrived in great shape.
I thank you very much.
I hope you are past the blizzard and are with power.
Best Wishes,

Keith M., Denver, Colorado

Antique porcelain hand mirror brush comb vanity set with pink mums and daisies

Hi Carol,

The mirror set just arrived and it is exactly as you described....gorgeous and stunning.

This is the second mirror set I have purchased from you and I am just as thrilled with this one as I was with the first.

Thank you for finding these beautiful pieces and offering them for sale.

Adrienne H., Winfield, Illinois

Antique 1900 large oval maple dough bread bowl

Carol, It came! I went out to my vehicle at lunchtime and he came walking with a large box so I asked if it was for me.  I LOVE IT!  What a beautiful bowl I couldn't be happier with it.  Thank you so very much for everything!

Glena P., Moundsville, West Virginia

Dear Carol, the exquisite petit point compact arrived 1/7/13 much to my surprise! It came in excellent shape and was all you said it to be. Thank you. I read the customer comments and saw all the beautiful items. I hope to purchase many more. I have always loved any/all antiques-vintage things. The memories and workmanship that goes in to them  is beyond words. Seeing the verse from Gods Word displayed for all to see was a JOY for me!!! May God Bless YOU RICHLY for sharing a part of Gods Love letter to all!

Karen S., Lomira, Wisconsin

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