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Exciting Hand Knit in Germany Antique Figural Scenic Purse

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This is a stunning German antique figural scenic beaded purse, hand made during the late 1800's to the turn of the 1900's, what a remarkable work of art it is.

The romance scene is that of an enchanting couple, dressed in period clothing, strolling through the garden,  arm in arm, they are captivated by each other.



The extensive use of colors on this purse are bright, crisp, bold and stark, I did not enhance them, they are simply the nicest I've ever seen in tiny glass beads. I find it amazing that this purse was hand knit, in Germany, as the original label shows. What talent to be able to achieve this form of art, I am in awe of the fact that anyone could have the patience to work a purse of this size to the finish.  My photos are quite precise and detail all the fabulous features on this purse, it truly takes my breath away and the beadwork appears to be flawless. Surely this purse could never have been used, rather just admired, well stored and opened occasionally.


The gold tone frame crowns this purse perfectly. The kissing clasp is tipped with deep cobalt blue cabs and I suspect that the 17 bezel set faceted stones, that encircle the front of the frame, are either cobalt or jet, they have been difficult to distinguish.  The stones are in the baguette shape but resemble the radiant cut. Between each stone lays a square shaped embossed flower design, the backside of the frame is plain gold tone. The only flaw that I can find on this entire purse is on one side edge of the frame, on the backside, it appears that someone closed the purse and caught the chain in the frame, causing a small distortion on the frame's edge. The frame opens and closes well, I would think a jeweler could adjust the edge, if need be, but it in no way does it take away from this purse, I personally would not fiddle with it, it's just not that significant of an issue and does not effect the qualities of this frame. 


The purse is well attached to the frame at all points and is very clean, in fact, I rinsed this purse out and almost nothing came out of the beading, barely any discoloring to the water, very unusual, telling me that this purse was well stored for over 100 years, very likely in a controlled climate.  The bottom of the purse is finished in a tri-color twisted interlocking fringe. It is about as full of a fringe that this purse could handle and it is complete and secure. The interior boasts it's original olive toned silk lining with dual pockets and a clear mirror, how rare is that.  As a further treat, this purse maintains it's original label, reading Hand Made Ellessem Germany. There is a little stressing going on at one of the pocket seams, however, it's in amazing condition for it's age, most other antique silk linings would have shredded long ago.   The lining is accented with a top border, feels like paper board wrapped with silk, this area shows some thinning of the silk and discolorations, probably from the metal, it seems a little fragile but in a properly cared for collection, it will be just fine.


This would be classified as a larger knit purse, measuring as follows: 7 inches across the frame, over 12 inches from the tip of the clasp to the bottom of the fringes, the fringe hangs 1 inches and the chain handle drops 9 inches, it's a big one.  The condition of this superb purse is nothing short of spectacular, no losses, tears, wears, repairs or stains to the beading, it's really everything you would want in an antique figural scenic beaded purse.  I know this purse will make a formidable addition to your collection, let me know and I'll put it aside for you.


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