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Antique Victorian Beaded and Embroidered Puffy Purse, ca. 1900

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Well, it's been a really long time since I have acquired a great Victorian styled beaded puffy purse and I couldn't be more delighted that I can offer this truly rare example.

Victorian beaded embroidered puffy purse filigree frame 

If you are familiar with the early 1900's puffy purses, you will know that they are some of the most adorable little beaded creations to grace the world of antique beaded handbags.


Victorian beaded and embroidered puffy purse with filigree frame  Beaded and needlepoint puffy style Victorian purse ca. 1900

If you are not familiar with these little beaded cutie pies, then I'm thrilled to introduce you to them via this unusual example. I kid you not when I say I have never seen an antique beaded puffy purse with needlepoint centers, in fact, it is rare enough to find any antique beaded purse with added embroidery, never mind a puffy. I was fortunate enough to snatch this one up from a recent auction, I only regret there aren't more to be found. These purses have become known as the "puffy" because that is what they are, sweet little beaded puff balls that fit in the palm of your hand, however, most are not as exquisite as this one. These hand made purses are quite old, from the late Victorian era to the early 1900's.


This purse has been hand beaded onto a mesh type background fabric which gives this purse a soft, fluid hand. The beadwork is comprised of cut and faceted Czech or Bohemian glass beads, all allowing for much sparkle as the light hits the beading. The background color is a stunning shade of blue which is showing reasonably well in some of my photos. In fact, I'll let my photos explain the pattern for me, as it encompasses the entire purse. I love the depth of the apple green leaves and that center arena is divine. How very thoughtful of the maker to embroider and needlepoint the central theme of roses and violets, on each side of the purse, both sides are shown in my photos. I must also mention that this purse has been professionally and thoroughly cleaned, including a light polishing to the frame.


This purse is crowned with a triangular shaped, silver toned, Victorian styled filigree frame and clasp. The structural components are in solid working order, opening and closing as they should. The side profile expresses the shape of this purse rather well, stuffed with tissue, it puffs out and measures a mere 5 1/2 inches in total height, 6 inches at it's widest, the side gusset is about 1 3/4 inches, less than 4 inches across the hinges and the carry chain handle drops the purse by nearly 5 inches. The interior maintains it's plum purple ribbed watered silk lining and trimming but it does show wear and tear, as is very common for these purses. I know some of you prefer to keep the original parts of these purses whenever possible, so I am reluctant to re-line it unless a request is made. I am proficient at re-lining antique beaded purses and I would do this one in an appropriate colored silk for $75.00. There is also the original folding, clear make-up mirror on one side and money slot on the other, all lined with matching fabric, also showing edge wear. Overall, this Victorian beaded puffy purse is in splendid, well kept condition. I think it is the best one I've ever offered because the embroidered centers make it a true one-of-a-kind and quite a rare find. If you've been waiting for that special puffy to come alone, consider this one, I doubt there is another like it or in this extra fine condition.

Antique beaded puffy purse Victorian era  Antique beaded and embroidered Victorian era puffy purse

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