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Antique Woodenware, Treenware and Primitives
New England Hand Carved Trenchers and Turned Bowls

Vintage Hand Made Wood Bowls in Select Hard and Medium Woods
Accessories, Utensils, Spoons, Ladles, Bread Boards & Knifes
Wood Spice Containers, Pantry Boxes, Caddies & Holders

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Antique 1800's New England trencher dough bread bowl 

Antique Hand Carved New England Trencher Dough Chop Bowl

Gorgeous sized, hard wood New England trencher dough bowl ,
a true masterpiece and a generous size of nearly 19 in length,
wood appears as maple with rich brown and honey tones,
no open cracks or serious damages, well kept condition,
used for dough and chopping with a few marks and bumps,
a beautiful bowl, click on the photo to view more about this treasure.

Item  2-1130 A                Sorry, this item is sold, no longer available          Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before September 30th and save an additional $30.00.

Antique oak footed breakfast bed tray 

Antique Early 1900's Oak  Footed Breakfast Bed Lap Tray

This is a very nice and useful antique lap tray or breakfast tray,
most likely made during the first quarter of the 1900's era,
quite well made structurally with a raised open handled gallery,
tapered legs that fold inward and tongue and groove corners,
metal hinges show lots of age, overall moderatetly used,
well cared for with no real problems or issues, damage free,
a handsome old lap tray that will service many needs and uses,
click on the photo to explore more details about this piece.

Item 8-23A              This item is sold, sorry no longer available         Place Order via Email


Antique large 19 inch diameter dough bread bowl late 1800's 

Antique Hand Turned Large Dough Bread Bowl, ca. Late 1800's

A beauty and extra large at about 19 by 18 1/2 inches in diameter,
stunning hand lathe turned bowl from Northport, New York,
gorgeous appealing medium brown tones and darker shadings,
made from a solid weight hard wood, no cracks or damages,
in great overall condition with a bit of a primitive appearance,
bowl maker turned a 1 inch outer upper rim, a smooth bowl,
you'll have to look very closely to see any tight lathe lines,
well preserved but showing it's age and character throughout,
an excellent dough bread bowl, click on the photo to learn more.

Item  4-1215 E              This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

Have this tray shipped before September 30th and save an additional $25.00.

Vintage New England Miniature Saw Horses

Gorgeous old hand made pair of miniature saw horses,
unique and rare, found in a 1920's Westfield, MA home,
solid and well made, great potential for many uses,
lots of age and patina but well preserved and cared for,
fabulous pair, strong, sturdy, no significant wear or damage.

Item  1037           This item is sold, sorry no longer available      Place Order via Email

Antique hand hewn huge dough bread bowl ca.1900 wood bowl

Antique 1900 dough bread bowl huge 24 inches

Antique Huge 24 Inch Trencher Dough Bread Bowl ca. 1900

This hand hewn dough trencher was made during the approx. 1900 era,
comes in the more unusual elongated oblong shape and is made of
medium hard wood, having good weight and excellent symmetry,
beautiful wood graining and various brown tones with a bit of auburn,
exceptional condition, no chop marks, cracks, lines or flaws,
age appropriate dings and discolorations but nothing naughty,
I've owned this bowl for sometime but now it's time to share this
very large bowl, over 24 inches in length and nearly 18 inches wide,
sits tall and steady with great depth of 5 to 6 inches in height,
lots of character and a wonderful authentic New England trencher,
this is a great antique wood bowl that must be considered and
will arrive in it's natural wood state, no added wax or coatings,
click on the small photo to view more about this interesting bowl.

Item  0-115 B            This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before September 30th and save an additional $30.00.

Fabulous Hand Carved Early Primitive Wood Utensil

One of the nicest primitive wooden utensils from the 1800's,
use as a scoop, spatula or spoon, it's very useful and versatile,
hand sculpted with an attractive shape and well formed figure,
comfortably sized with a hole on the handle for hanging,
wonderful antique condition, normal small aging, no damages.

Item  8-520 A             $145.00    Now $99.00      Place Order via Email

1930 Munising small Tiger maple bowl awesome graining 

1930 Vintage Munising Tiger Maple Turned Wood Bowl, Awesome Graining

Adorable smaller sized wooden bowl from the admired Munising Bowl CO.,
carries their 1930 back stamp, incredible deep rich Tiger graining,
silky smooth solid hard wood, well preserved with no cracks or flaws,
photos really don't do this bowl justice, it's a collector's dream,
a useful size, 11 by 10⅝ inches, perfect to complete your nest of bowls,
rare, unique and clean, untouched, click photo for more great details.

Item  9-921 A              This item is sold, sorry no longer available       Place Order via Email

Antique primitive pastry bread dough board

Beautiful Early Southern Yellow Pine Antique Pastry Board

Fabulous late 1800's - early 1900's dough, pastry or bread board,
this is a four plank pastry board with tongue and groove end caps,
nicely sized for daily farm duties at 20 inches by 13⅝ inches,
good honest usage with all the character of a well worked board,
a little primitive and a bit grungy, untouched, just as we found it,
not abused, click the photo to see more about this pastry board.

Item  1039                 This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

Vintage country farm house old milking stool early 1900's 

Charming Old Barnyard Child's Milking Stool in Milky White Paint

This is an adorable antique child's old farm house milking stool,
original family estimated the age to be from the early 1900's,
belonged to their great-grandmother, Ignatia Kida, and it is
signed with her name, in paint, on the underside of the stool,
amazing vintage condition, minor aging, no real damages,
paint appears original and the stool is tight and sturdy,
a unique farm piece, click on the photo for more details.

Item  1038                          This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

Vintage 1930 - 1940's Tiger maple dough bread bowl 

Vintage 1930 - 1940's Deep Grained Tiger Maple Dough Bread Bowl

I love these vintage Tiger Maple dough bowls, the graining is fabulous,
this one is not considered antique but it still has age and usefulness,
highly decorative and well sized at 14 by 13 inches in diameter,
well cared for and barely used as is sometimes common with Tiger bowls,
a stunning and visually beautiful bowl, a solid investment,
click the photo and take a peek at more pictures and interesting details.

Item  0-820 A              This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

Vintage Munising 1930's maple dough bread chopping bowl

Vintage 1930's Signed Munising Dough Chopping Hard Wood Bowl

Beautiful hard wood bowl from the Munising Company of Michigan,
from a Pennsylvania auction comes this solid, very heavy 16 inch bowl,
signed on the under bottom with their 1930's impressed mark,
perfectly worn with chop and cut marks, no cracks or damages,
stunning rich color tones, click the photo to see more pics and details .

Item 0-630 C                This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

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Antique 1800's 18 inch dough bread bowl

Primitive 1800 Pennsylvania trencher 21 inch dough bowl

Late 1800's antique 25 inch oval dough bowl trencher

Antique 1800's 21 inch Ohio dough bread bowl

Antique 1800's large New England trencher dough bowl

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