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Purse Articles, Facts and Tips

Another Fine Mesh You've Gotten Me Into - A look at the various mesh purse styles and tips on shopping.

Beaded Purses - History, early reticule through the flapper & steel beaded purses, cleaning tips coming soon.

Box Purses - History, manufacturers and cleaning tips.

Change Purses - History and styles.

Compact Purses - Manufacturers, history and styles.

Handbags, the 1940's versus the 2000's - A look inside the secretive mysteries of the handbag.

French & Elegant Evening Handbags - Manufacturers, history, cleaning and storage tips.

Glue Is Worse Than Four Letter Word - Why not glue it?

Mesh & Metal Purses - Manufacturers, history, cleaning and storage tips.

Micro Beaded Mania - Determining the micro bead.

Petit Point & Tapestry Purses - History, cleaning and storage.

Rhinestone Purses - History, manufacturers, cleaning and storage tips.

Rhinestones are a Girl's Best Friend - The fashionable and historical fascination with the rhinestone purse.

Scenic Beaded Purses - History and styles.

The Purse and the Peacock Phenomenon - The allure of the exotic peacock.

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