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Scenic Beaded Purses - Facts & Tips

Venetian Scenes, Figurals, Egyptian Themes, Carpet & Rug Designs, Birds, Peacocks, Butterflies and Animals

Scenic beaded purses, especially those with Venetian scenes, are the ultimate preference for the connoisseur of purse collecting. These scenes of Venice are knit with the tiniest of seed beads and incorporate a rainbow spectrum of every imaginable color.  They are the hardest beaded purses to find and command the highest prices in today's marketplace.  Many of these complex purses have elaborate depictions of the Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal, busy Italian waterways, gondolas and exquisite village street scenes.  The Venetian beaded purses are amongst the most beautiful of the antique micro beaded purses and are considered the prize in any collection.

Other desirable and intricately beaded scenic purses include detailed country or waterside views, exceptional multi figural scenes, full single portraits, the butterfly hunters, silhouettes, serenading musicians, gazebos, dense garden landscapes and romantic Renaissance couples, to name a few.  These sensational beaded purses are a must have for the more serious antique beaded purse collector.

Another category of prized purses are those with unusually creative Egyptian motifs. After the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922, beaded purses soon were fashioned to mimic the ancient artifacts of Egypt, hieroglyphics, the famous Sphinx, pyramids, the cobra, winged scarabs, phoenix birds, the Egyptian gods and of course the infamous Pharaoh.


Often times these same themes were applied to intricate purse frames as well, which added depth and character to an already incredible purse.  Although a good amount of these purses were produced, not many are still in existence today, therefore, the Egyptian beaded purses are highly esteemed and respected in the world of purse collecting.


Continuing with sought after beaded handbags of the 1800's and early 1900's are those marvelous peacocks or beaded purses that depict peacock feathers.  Birds and other exotic winged creatures were presented as well as butterflies, Oriental themes, woodland or pastoral animals, intricate oriental rug patterns and carpet themes including those with Indian attributes such as tribal blanket designs.  These wonderful examples add ingenuity and diversity to your entourage of beaded bags and should not be overlooked when they are discovered.

Primarily, all these purses mentioned were either hand knitted or hand woven on a loom and although the use of the micro glass bead is most admired, small and medium glass beads were also used to create these sophisticated patterns.  Also, not to be ignored and most worthy of mention are the elusive and rare French cut steel and metal beaded scenic purses.  Although the metal scenic purses do not offer the variety of patterns as their glass beaded counterparts, these handbags stand in a category all their own and are quite a challenge to locate. 

All of these purses are difficult to find in excellent vintage condition and are a delight to add to any purse collection.  Competition to acquire these purses is widespread and purse lover's are eagerly seeking to add some of these inspiring works of art to their treasury of purses.

As always, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of condition when choosing to purchase one of these cherished purses.  Seek out the very best possible condition at a price you can afford, from a reputable and knowledgeable seller.  Purse collecting is only fun when it doesn't hurt.

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