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Parisian Beaded and Pink Embroidered Puffy Style Evening Purse

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I am happy to offer this especially pretty vintage 1930 French white beaded and hand embroidered evening purse, made in Paris, France.

Paris France puffy style beaded embroidered evening purse

The French were well known for their Tambour embroidery executed in the Point de Beauvais stitch and this example speak volumes for these talent artists.

Ed B Robinson French black beaded and decorated evening purse 1940 handbag   Vintage Josef gold beaded evening handbag on a Hobe jeweled frame


Vintage 1930 French beaded pink embroidered evening bag  Hand made in Paris France beaded pink embroidered puffy purse

This evening purse is hand beaded with a soft bright white glass seed bead that has a luminous sheen. But let's talk about what this purse is really all about, the impressive amount of pink embroidery. That is what caught my eye, who could resist, not me. I took photos 3 times today and still could not get these pink tones to show correctly so you will have to rely partly on my description. There are many shades of pink. One shade that would not show is what I would refer to as hot pink. I hardly know how to describe it but it's a girly hot pink. Then there are lighter pinks, rose pinks, pale pinks, even faded pinks but there is a definite hot pink mixed in there and when you see this purse, you will say the same thing I did, WOW, that is pink. There are also, Wedgwood blues, ambers, peach, greens and other earthy shades of embroidery. For the most part, the embroidery is in good vintage condition. There are a couple of discolorations as well, that are not overly apparent and perhaps a few sensitive theads.

Vintage French beaded pink embroiderd purse  

These 2 photos aren't too bad and sort of show the pink I am trying to describe. The gold tone metal frame is layered in more beadwork, having an off white, amber, green and pinky lavender arrangement of beading. The lift up to open tab has coordinating beadwork and the frame, with it's structural elements, all work as it should, opening and closing properly. The frame is lovely but does not compete for attention, the pink embroidery gets all of that, your eyes won't be able to get off of it. The metal work on the frame is still nice, bright and shiny, not aged like some of my photos.

  Vintage French puffy style beaded pink embroidered purse

This French Parisian bag was constructed in the puffy form, very similar to the Victorian puffy purses. The bottom is quite large for a purse of this shape and size, it measures approx. 6 inches wide by 3 inches from front to back, as shown in the photo above. The beaded arms of the frame run down nearly to the bottom of the purse and the side gusset spans over 3 inches. I tell you, this is just about the most adorable purse I've seen in awhile.

  Vintage 1930 Paris beaded pink embroidered purse

The interior has a very thin delicate lining that feels more like silk than satin. There is a pocket with it's label, that reads Hand Made in France Paris. The lining shows a little aging and a few light stains that would not come out on the cleaning but this purse has been cleaned and beautifully refreshed. Since I am mesmerized by this purse, I find myself staring at it and if I find anything out of place, I will fix it.  The slinky styled carry handle is in fine condition and drops this purse by 5 inches. This purse is secure to the frame at all points and measures, stuffed with tissue, a mere 4 inches in height, 6 inches across the bottom nearly 4 inches across the frame and 5 inches across the hinges. Although this is a smaller purse, it is adequately roomy on the inside and will carry your basic essentials. If you've been wanting an elegant French Parisian beaded and embroidered evening handbag, that sports a lot of pink, please consider this unusual example. You'll enjoy this charming, perky and very pink puffy style handbag from the approx. 1930 era.

   Paris France beaded pink embroidered purse

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Vintage 1930 French designer Josef white beaded and Tambour embroidered evening purse in the puffy style

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