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Rare French Micro Beaded and Embroidered Figural Evening Purse

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I never cease to be amazed by how really beautiful these vintage French beaded evening bags are, with each one being so uniquely different, please look closely at this example.

Odette French beaded figural purse with Trapunto embroidered roses

Rarely have I ever seen two French evening purses that are the same and this unusual  handbag shows it's "one of a kind" nature and exquisite personality.

Vintage Josef gold beaded evening handbag on a Hobe jeweled frame   French beaded intricately embroidered enameled evening purse


Vintage 1940 French Odette Trapunto embroidered beaded purse   French Odette Figural embroidered beaded evening handbag

This approximate 1930 - 1940's white beaded creation was completely hand made with tiny luminous glass beads by a company that I don't acquire many purses from, Odette of Paris France. From it's ultra fine embroidery and Point de Beauvais Trapunto roses, to it's fabulous beaded and enameled frame, there is no disputing that this is one outstanding vintage French evening handbag. The embroidered scenes depict a Colonial couple dressed in period clothing of the times. I am showing you both front and back sides of this purse so you can see that the couples are depicted differently on each side, that is, the color schemes are varied from front to back. What a lovely and romantic scene with the male suitor holding a floral bouquet and extending his arm to take her hand. Their outfits are so sweetly embroidered in a very wonderful and dimensional stitch. The scene is as charming as can be, this purse will appeal to the romantic at heart. The colors are terrific and there is a slender metallic embroidered thread that outlines most of the embroidery, giving this purse a subtle, yet distinct silvery golden sparkle that would not show in my photos.

Vintage French beaded embroidered figural purse Trapunto roses  French Vintage beaded embroidered purse dual figural sides

The background bead is a nice shade of bright soft white, almost snowy but not a stark white. The couple is standing above a scalloped half inch border of bead work and Tambour embroidery with running colors of gray, blue and Wedgwood. The workmanship is simply splendid and I am delighted to report that this creation, although loved, has been so well cared for and shows very little signs of usage or aging. This fabulous French beauty suffers no relevant or noticeable bead loss, actually I don't see any but let's say there might be one or two beads missing somewhere. I see no snags, tears, wears, discolors or other obvious problems. I did have minor fixes to do on this purse, re-enforcing of existing beadwork and I did professionally clean this evening bag for you so you could have it fully refreshed and in a condition that I would desire to own it.  The appearance is quite spectacular and I do believe the collector of these special treasures will love it.

French beaded embroidered figural purse with enameled frame  Vintage 1930 - 1940 French Trapunto embroidered figural purse with beaded enameled frame

The golden brassy tone metal framing is a superior work of art, in fact, it's always such a pleasure to offer one of these French purses with such a nice beaded and enameled frame. This one is sensational and I do believe my photos will show all of it's attributes and it's current condition. This is a fold over type of frame, lift up the front edge to open the purse, it works on a piano type hinge that spans the backside of the purse. All the mechanism and working elements are in proper order. This gracefully scalloped frame is saturated with bead work to include a ton of gold glass beads, short scallops of pink, pale green and off white, each with a faux pearl highlight. In addition, you will find a threesome of  elegant enameled flowers with stems and leaves. Overall, this frame is a splendid work of art, showing no bead losses, just a small amount of green enamel loss from one of the leaves. There is so much appeal to this frame that it will go easily unnoticed. If you can overlook this small enamel flaw, you will have a wonderful and creative treasure.

French beaded embroidered purse with Colonoal couple and Trapunto roses  Odette hand beaded French purse with embroidered Trapunto roses

All the decorative elements on this purse are securely intact. The purse is well attached to the frame at all points and even the bottom of this handbag has been delightfully decorated with a matching scalloped border. Now let's get on to talk about these incredibly different roses, with different colors on each side of the purse. Hand embroidered in the Point de Beauvais stitch, also known as Tambour embroidery, these roses have been created in a design form called Trapunto. These roses are embossed, they are a raised form of relief work. A firm batting or stabilizer is applied to the purse and then the embroidery is hand stitched over this fabric, forming a dimensional raised rose. I tried to show this feature in my photos but you will have to see this purse in person to truly understand all of it's unique characteristics.

French beaded evening handbag with embroidered Trapunto roses   French figural embroidered handbag with Trapunto roses enameled frame

The interior is lined with a bright ivory satin, there are 2 pockets and 1 lipstick slot for accessorizing your purse. The lining is in very acceptable vintage condition, clean and showing signs of only very light usage, if even that. Stuffed with tissue, it measures 6 inches from top to bottom, 8 inches at it's widest and the fully beaded and embroidered handle drops this purse by 4 inches. The frame is nearly 7 1/2 inches across and the bottom of this purse is oval at 7 inches wide by nearly 2 inches in depth from front to back.  I'm showing you lots of photos from several angles so you can judge this handbag as more than worthy to be in your collection.  This is a moderately roomy purse and will accommodate your evening essentials. This French beaded, embroidered and Trapunto evening handbag is a rare beauty, one that I will likely never acquire again. Consider adding it to your wardrobe accessories or gifting it to that special someone in your life. I know it will maintain star status amongst your favorite purses. What? You haven't started collecting elegant vintage French beaded evening bags yet? You don't know what you're missing.

French beaded embroidered purse by Odette of Paris France  Vintage French beaded embroidered Trapunto evening purse

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