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Italian Embroidered Silk Purse on a Rare Mosaic Frame

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This is an absolutely amazing jet black watered silk purse, enhanced with hand embroidery and crowned with a rare Italian micro mosaic frame, ca. very early 1900.

Antique silk embroidered purse Italian mosaic frame

I have never seen a purse like this before and I am quite blessed to have acquired it. I am thrilled to offer it to you, it's condition is breathtaking.

Petit point clutch purse with opera glasses and accessories   Petit point opera purse clutch


 Antique silk embroidered purse made in Italy ca. 1900  Italian silk embroidered purse mosaic frame

I am so happy that it's previous owner chose to take such good care of this purse. It's nearly impossible to find antique silk purses that are not splitting or shredding. The body of this purse is near pristine. I find no relevant issues or snags, no splitting or wear. If there is a flaw, it must be extremely minimal because I don't see it. My photos are very true to the purse. The jet black silk has a subtle watered effect which is somewhat hard to notice because of the wonderful petit point type of embroidery. The silk is of excellent quality, thin and delicate, yet has survived beautifully since the turn of the 1900's. The hand stitched embroidery is delightful and almost looks like it was stitched freehand, very nice work. The central bouquet is lovely and there are sweet perimeter borders that may not be showing enough in my pics. Both sides of this purse are decorated in the same manner and both sides of the purse are being shown. I don't see any problems with the stitches and the color palette has not faded at all. This purse has been professionally, yet gently hand washed, a cleaning that will preserve it's future integrity.

Antique silk purse Italian mosaic frame  Made in Italy mosaic frame silk embroidered purse

This purse has been gathered and sewn onto an Italian micro mosaic brass frame. It is marked made in Italy on the interior. It is a fascinating frame with it's endless array of colorful glass tiles, meticulously inset to create an intricate flower garden. These frames don't come along very often, in nearly 20 years of working to preserve antique purses, this is only the second of these such frames that I have acquired. I haven't found that any of the mosaic is missing or damaged. This frame is a true work of art, as is the entire purse. It's really hard for me to believe that there could be another purse that exists like this one, so refined and elegant, all in ultra fine condition. Please look at all the photos closely and determine that you want to be the next owner to enjoy, admire and preserve this incredible antiquity.

Silk purse hand embroidery mosaic frame made in Italy  Hand embroidered silk purse Italian mosaic frame

Although this purse doesn't have a separate gusset, it does seem to have enough roominess inside. Stuffed with tissue, as shown, it measures 5 1/2 inches across the frame, 9 inches across the bottom, about 5 1/2 or so in height and the chain handle drops the purse by 4 1/2 inches. Now forgive me but I slightly, prematurely listed this purse. As you can see, the interior black silky satin type lining has been re-stitched to the frame at some time but a bit sloppy, so I will take those stitches out and replace them so you can't see them and I will make sure the exterior silk is secured to the frame as well. I recently broke my stitch ripper so I can't do this chore until I replace it but it will be done before shipping. The lining is graced with one pocket and suffers no tears. The lining is purposely made a little smaller than the silk bag, this helps to avoid damaging the silk. This is a remarkable example of an Italian embroidered silk purse on a mosaic frame. What more can I say, except that this very early 1900's purse is desiring to belong to a discerning collector of finer antique handbags. Thank you for visiting and spending time admiring this wonderful purse.

Italian mosaic silk embroidered antique handbag  Antique embroidered silk handbag made in Italy mosaic frame

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