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Impressive Rustic Orange Red Glass Knit Beaded Fringed Purse

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This 1900 - 1920 hand knit purse is such a winner with it's unique color of rustic orange red cut and faceted glass beads, truly a very different and hard to find color tone.

Antique 1900 - 1920 rustic orange red beaded fringed purse

This orangey red glass beaded purse captured my attention, to such a degree, that I was willing to put 14 hours of labor into re-enforcing the fringes on this incredibly beautiful purse.

Antique late Victorian micro beaded authentic piecrust micro beaded purse  1900 French pink steel beaded purse with jeweled frame near pristine


 Antique beaded purse with thinck lush fringe 

Although the fringes were relatively secure and strong, there were already a couple that were loosening and/or letting go, so I decided to pass a double strand of matching thread through each fringe, so that you could own this purse with the confidence that they would be better and freshly secured to the purse. The fringes consists of approx. 9,300 cut and faceted glass beads, 124 fringes having at least 75 beads on each strand.  Now I'm not saying that the fringes can't be broken, but they won't be breaking because the old thread can no longer support the weight of the beads. The fringes are incredibly thick and lush and they measure 2 inches in length. If you take a close look at the fringe photo above, you will discover the light green signature bead. Often times, bead workers signed their purses with a signature bead, so that the business they worked for could identify their work. This is not an easy bead to find and I didn't notice it until I was working on the fringe.

Antique beaded purse with angled filigree frame  

This purse is securely attached to a silver toned embossed frame that has an angled shape. All sides of the frame are embossed with bell shaped flowers and the frame is furthers enhanced with Victorian filigree styled accents. The filigree is secure to the frame and everything is in proper functioning order, opening and closing well with kissing clasps and the hinges are good. The metal appears to have a aged patination that is rather appropriate for it's age and is looking very fine. I have examined all of the existing threads that were used to knit this purse and they are in excellent condition, soft and pliable with no signs of drying or other serious issues.  I gave the purse a professional and thorough cleaning so that you can own the very best that can be offered.


After a gentle washing, this purse came to life. These glass beads are extremely radiant and sparkly, no way do my photos show all of their reflective qualities, they don't even come close. This purse is dazzling in person. I call this color a rustic orange with red overtones because that is what I see. I also asked several ladies what they saw in the color and they came to the same conclusion. The original medium orange fabric lining is still in place and is quite acceptable for it's age. It does have some small fraying and wearing over toward the side by one of the hinges but it is still usable or can be replaced if so desired and I am proficient at re-lining purses, just ask. This purse is completely stunning, it measures as follows: nearly 12 inches from the top of the clasps to the tip of the fringes; it is 5 inches side to side from hinge to hinge; the body of the bag without the frame and fringes is 8 inches in length by 7 inches at it's widest. Although this purse has plenty of size, it is flat and will carry only your absolute smaller necessities, as any early 1900's purse would. Every aspect of this antique rustic orange red knit beaded purse is in lovely, well cared for condition and should make any collector happy who is searching for the more unusual colors. If you like what you see in the photos, you will love and cherish this purse. And again, the color is simply spectacular, oh yes, it's a WOW purse, from the early 1900's. The last 2 photos show it in natural daylight and then with overhead lighting as to try and exhibit some of the sparkle. Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Rustic orange red antique beaded fringed purse                   

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