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1920 Flapper Bag on a Tiger Striped Celluloid Frame

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This 1920's vintage beaded flapper purse is knit with radiant golden mother-of-pearl faceted glass beads, most likely Czechoslovakian or Bohemian hand cut beads.

Antique beaded purse flapper

It is such a fabulous color and shows very well in my photos. The mother of pearl beads are far more elusive and I think they make a striking fashion statement.



This purse is hand knitted in a 13 vertical panel design, along with an upper overlapping row, which is accentuated with beaded fringe work.  The background thread is a rich chocolate brown, which suits the beadwork wonderfully, offering a distinctive and inviting contrast. The interior is lined with what looks like the original soft black fabric with an upper jet black trimming. This purse is in extremely well kept, vintage condition, very clean and appearing never or barely used. I detect no significant problems with this purse, no structural issues, no snags, tears or previous repairs to note. I have made no mends to this purse, I have only admired it's exceptional eye appeal. If there is any bead loss on this purse, it is maybe one strand of fringe, however, I can't say for sure and there is nothing really obviously noticeable at all.


This beaded bag is securely attached to a tiger striped oval celluloid frame. The translucent characteristic of this frame gives it an especially charming personality. The interior is loaded with character starting with it's original beveled mirror, which still shows a very clear reflection along with some minor age toward the bevel, as shown. The interior lid is also stamped, PAT'D APRIL 25, 1922, how simply marvelous to have a clearly defined age to this flapper purse. This bag is carried over the wrist on a celluloid chain handle, all intact. The clasp takes a little getting accustomed to, it's a small ball which works like a spring mechanism, you have to pull it back to open and close the lid. It's not very complicated, it's works very well and keeps the purse snugly shut.


The bottom of this purse is finished with a healthy sized beaded tassel, all of which appears complete. This purse measures as follows: top of the beading to the bottom of the bag is 5 inches, the tassel adds another 2 inches, the body of the purse is about 3 inches wide toward the top, the frame is oval and measures 3 inches from side to side, 2⅞ inches from front to back and it has a depth of inch. The celluloid chain handle drops the purse by 6 inches and carries on the wrist like a dance purse. This is a classically sized flapper era beaded bag and is not intended to carry much of anything, as the flappers did not carry much, just a small lipstick, rouge and hanky.  This clean, lightweight and adorable 1920's flapper beaded handbag will be a fun and inspiring bag to have, they don't come along on these tiger striped celluloid frames very often, the color and condition is to be appreciated, please consider adding it to your fine treasury of antique and vintage beaded purses, I know you will be delighted.


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