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Limoges and Austrian Hand Painted Dresser Set, ca. 1920

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This gorgeous hand painted dresser set is the perfect blended marriage of antique French Limoges and porcelains from Austria, artist signed and dated 1920.

This striking set was masterfully hand painted and lavishly decorated with scrumptious pink, burgundy and yellow roses, my photos simply do not do this set justice, it's amazing.

Limoges Austrian hand painted 5 piece dresser set  Austrian Bavarian hand painted vanity dresser set



I can't say enough about this stunning set, it truly is captivating and beautiful, please expect it to be even more gorgeous in person. I had a bit of trouble with the lighting, please excuse any shadows or reflections.  This dynamic Tressemanes & Vogt dresser tray is well appointed with rich wine  burgundy and multi pink roses as well as mellow tangerine yellow roses. The surface of the tray is tinted with a lovely layering of coordinating tones in addition to blues, subtle browns and greenery.  The outer edge of the tray is gilded in gold. My photos are showing it very well, the colors are quite spectacular and if roses are your passion, you will adore owning this set. The back of the tray is company marked and artist signed, as shown, and the tray measures 11 inches side to side by 8 inches front to back at it widest points.


These 3 accessories pieces were considered very necessary and accompanied many dresser sets as the creator saw fit. The covered trinket box is darling , beautifully painted all over it's surface. It measures 2 in diameter and is 2 inches tall, it is unmarked. The open pin dish is as nice as any I've seen and matches the other pieces in artwork and coloring. It has a delightful scalloped shape and gold gilded raised outer edge. It measure 4⅛ inch in diameter, the side raises up ⅞ of an inch and it is unmarked. The hatpin holder is not an exact match to the set. I added the open top hat pin holder to the set because I thought it was a suitable and appropriately matched piece. Most of the pictures don't show that except for this one above, photo #5. The main difference in color are the burgundy roses and it's single white rose. The remaining shadings are quite well matched and I feel this piece adds greatly to the set. If you disagree, it can be removed, I will sell the remaining 5 pieces together. The hatpin holder can also be used as a bud vase, it is a versatile piece. It measure 5 inches tall and has a bottom diameter of 2 inches. It is artist initialed on the underside.


The hair receiver and powder box are simply divine in every way. The covering of artwork is dynamic and exquisite, showing the full talent of the artist. Even though my photos are very good, they don't capture all the personality this set has to offer, you have to see these pieces in person to get the full effect of the roses. These 2 boxes are from Austria, at least one is signed and dated, as shown. These 2 boxes match the pin dish, trinket box and vanity tray to near precision, I truly can't tell they are from 2 different artists. These 2 boxes sit atop 3 gold gilt feet and stand proud at between 2 and 3 inches tall, their bodies bulge out to a width of approx. 4 inches, these are nicely sized boxes and fit the set wonderfully.


These remaining photos will show you all the many ways this set can either be displayed in your favorite china cabinet or atop your vanity dressing table.  The last two photos shows the best on how well all of the roses and colorings match so precisely, the hatpin holder being the only piece with  slight varying differences but still a fine complimentary accessory piece. This hand painted dresser set, of nearly 100 years, suffers from no damages or wears. I have owned this set for quite awhile but now it must be loved by someone else. Thank you for taking your valuable time to look at these treasures and please feel free to email me your comments about this set. Remember, my photos are only good, this 1920 French Limoges and Austrian dresser vanity set is a dazzler.


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