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Huge Antique Ohio Turned Dough Bread Bowl ca. 1800's

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This fabulous and sensational antique hand turned wood dough bowl is a wonderful example of American wood working craftsmanship from the 1800's era.

Antique 21 inch dough bread bowl from 1800's Ohio

This huge 21+ inch, robust dough bread bowl was recently acquired from a gentleman that lives in the fine state of Ohio, where so many great bowls have resided.

Large antique dough bread bowl 17 inches dark hard wood lathe turned  Vintage 1900 large oval birdseye maple trencher dough bowl


Ohio dough bread bowl antique 1800's large 21 inches  1800's Ohio antique dough bread bowl huge 21 inches

It's so hard to find these more massive bowls in this condition, I am only blessed to acquired one every couple of years or so and it has been at least 5 years since I have offered one as nice. This rather large dough kneading bowl is absolutely gorgeous, having numerous glowing brown auburn tones, a rich warm patina and the overall appearance of the wood is quite attractive. The previous owner was very sure that this 1800's bowl was lathe turned from an Ohio chestnut tree but the graining is also similar to elm and ash, so I cannot say for sure, as I am not an expert on wood. I can tell you that it is definitely not maple or pine. This bowl has good weight and will require 2 hands to carry it comfortably. My photos are expressing it's character and stunning tones fairly accurately but it's true beauty will be seen in person.  The interior is showing it's many decades of good honest usage but there are few, if any, cut or chop marks so this bowl was used primarily for the making of dough or some other food preparation. The entire bowl is quite smoothed from age, it has a rich and warm feel to the hand.


As for condition, I think it is superb. Most of these massive bowls are cracked in more than one place but this bowl has but a single tight hairline, as shown above and below, which comes from a knot, there are no signs of abuse or damage. Someone was thoughtful, perhaps 100 years ago, to properly fill this hairline, as to give it strength and keep it tight, their efforts proved to be successful. These 2 photos show 2 views of the interior and are excellent representations of what you should expect to receive.  This bowl has awesome symmetry, a very unique shape and sits proudly at between 6 and 7 inches tall, depending on where you measure it. It is wonderfully out of round and has dips and curves to the upper edge, all caused by the natural aging and drying of the wood. Truly this is the most attractive of the 21 inch bowls I have ever offered. Of course, there is the occasional bump, bruise, stain and nick, all adding to it's distinctive persona but mostly, I find this bowl to be in much better than average condition, it's stunning. I have gently cleaned this bowl for you, removing only a few years of dust and leaving behind a clean, natural wood bowl that you will be pleased to own and use. I see no evidence that any type of finish has been applied to this bowl, it looks very natural.

Antique lathe turned Ohio 21 inch dough bread bowl  Antique hand turned dough bowl 21 inches 1800's Ohio

The exterior is as delightful as the interior and these 2 views show both sides, with the tight hairline being in the right photo. The bowl maker kept a nice upper outer lip of about 3/4 of an inch. The exterior graining is fabulous, there are a lot of rings and years on this hunk of tree. So just how large is the diameter of this bowl? It measures over 21 inches in one  direction and 20 inches in the other, it is a whopping beauty. This bowl sits firm and steady on a 6 to 7 inch diameter foot, it doesn't even wobble when you give it a push. This bowl is very smoothed from age, just they way I would hope it would be but you can still see lathe turning lines on the exterior. You will find it easy to love and cherish this antique 1800's Ohio dough bread bowl, it has everything going for it: a full robust size, radiant country brown auburn tones, superior eye appeal, the best shape I've seen on a bowl of this size and the desired condition every collector hopes to find.  Let me say once again how very nice this 21+ inch dough bread bowl is, it's ready for your decorating ideas or for use. Please study the photos and determine that this bowl must belong to you.

 Antique 1800's Ohio 21 inch dough bread bowl Antique 1800's dough bread bwol 21 inch diameter from Ohio

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