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Primitive 1800's Pennsylvania Dough Trencher Bread Bowl

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If you are a lover of primitive woodenware, you will appreciate this large, well worn, 21 inch dough bread bowl trencher from the mid to late 1800's.

Antique 1800 Pennsylvania dough trencher bread bowl primitive

Clearly this trencher has been extensively used, over many, many decades, for chopping grains and most likely anything else that required it's utilitarian services.

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Primitive dough trencher bread bowl 1800's Pennsylvania farm  1800's Pennsylvania farm house dough trencher bowl

These trencher bowls were a staple in every 1800's kitchen and I was blessed to acquire this dough bowl from a private sale.  The gentleman that sold it to me told of how it came from the ancestral home of his grandparents, who lived into their 90's, at their farm house in the town of Rome, in Northern Pennsylvania. This particular trencher bowl is extremely primitive in nature, exhibiting all of the many decades of cutting, chopping and making of dough, no doubt. There is an abundance of cut and chop marks in the bottom and up the sides of the bowl. There are nicks, dents, dimples, scratches and a couple of shallow smoothed down notches, however, there are no cracks, hairlines, holes or structural damages, how wonderful is that.  Although this bowl is solid and sturdy, it has warped to a delightfully desirable shape, as shown in the photo above, and yes, it does have a little wobble when you give it a push. This bowl has all the character and appeal that a heavy, hard wood, 1800's primitive dough bowl should have.

Antique dough bread bowl 21 inches  Primitive 21 inch dough bread bowl trencher

The interior has darkened from long term honest usage and may have some remaining build-up. I did gently clean this bowl and I removed some of the build-up that was causing some tackiness, I did not remove it all, just enough to leave it with a cleaner feel, free of tackiness. This trencher is hand carved, or hand hewn, from a single log. It has a wonderful size of at least 21 inches from side to side, over 12 1/2 inches from front to back and sits at varying heights of approx. 4 inches tall. The coloring is medium to dark browns with somewhat of an all over auburn glow. The exterior of the bowl is stunning and shows all of the carving marks, graining and fabulous coloring. This is quite the find for the primitive collector or for those that admire and love authentic, American made  antique dough bowl trenchers. This bowl is in it's natural state, with no apparent wax or other applied finishes, just very used and primitive on the interior. I consider my photos to be very good, although the interior was a challenge to show properly, so I hope it is well represented on your screen, as it is mine.

  Hand carved dough trencher 21 inch bowl

This uniquely primitive hand carved Pennsylvania trencher dough bread bowl is perfect for your harvest table, sideboard or kitchen Hoosier. This one is quite interesting and I know you will put it to good use, it's more than just a decorative accessory, it's a piece of American history that is easy to love. Fill it with timely seasonal goodies along with your favorite potpourri scent, perhaps fresh apples, bananas and oranges or use your own imagination, just have fun with this bowl, it's a beauty. If you are a lover of primitive or you just want to add another bowl to your existing collection, this one is worthy of consideration. If you are waiting to find that first special primitive trencher bowl, please think about this one or consider giving it has an unforgettable gift.

Antique 1800 Pennsylvania dough trencher 21 inches 

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