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Antique Oak Breakfast Bed Lap Tray Early 1900's

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These nice old breakfast, bed or lap trays are becoming quite hard to find, in fact, I couldn't discover another one as charming when searching online or elsewhere.

Antique oak footed breafast bed lap tray early 1900's 

This one appears to be made of oak or a similarly grained hard wood and is structurally very well made, time tested and still in wonderful, usable condition.

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Antique early 1900's footed breakfast bed tray  Antique oak breakfast bed tray with open handled gallery

I have been the owner of this tray for the past 17 years and when I acquired it, time showed that it has been well cared for. I was unable to part with it, as it was invaluable to me when I was showing my wares at antique shows. This tray displayed cups and saucers so beautifully, that I sold every set that ever sat upon it. But now that I no longer exhibit at shows, it's time for me to pass it along to someone that can truly appreciate it's many uses, including decorative. Structurally speaking, this tray is very well constructed. Even though it shows moderate signs of usage, it has not been abused and it is not damaged in any way.


Some of it's attributes are: all-over solid wood construction,  an opened handled gallery top, tongue and grooved corners, and tapered legs that fold in for ease of storage. I have done nothing to change it's appearance over time except to dust and keep it clean. I like it just the way it looks, a bit old and primitive but I am sure that it could be enhanced to look a bit newer and crisper. That decision will be left to it's next owner. I love that the corners are so well made with tongue and groove. These are the characteristics and qualities that keep these antiques in sold working order, no doubt, with proper care, this tray will serve many more decades. This tray measures 23 3/4 inches from side to side, about 13 inches or so from front to back, depending where you measure and it stands almost 9 inches tall. There is a nice curve in the front and there are 20 inches between the width of the legs, from side to side.

Antique oak breakfast bed lap tray with tongue and groove corners 

The underside of the tray is stenciled with the letters WI but I do not know what that stands for. There are fours hinges that allow the legs to fold against the underside of the tray and plenty of old screws that keep all the various parts together. Folding the legs takes a little getting used to but they function very smoothly once you get the hang of it. The legs snap into another piece of wood, that mechanism is strong and supportive, so you have to release that mechanism in order to fold the legs up against the tray. Like many nice old pieces of furniture, the legs have a gentle taper, and they do have a little wiggle but no way are they going to come apart. The top of the legs are cut down the center to fit and overlap another piece of wood and everything is screwed together. I suspect that time and use has loosened them a bit but someone with better tools than I have should be able to tighten them or even better, leave them alone, as they are in good working order as is. This is a very nice old antique oak breakfast, bed or lap tray that someone will surely be happy to acquire and put to use, you won't find many like this still available.

     Antique oak early 1900's breakfast bed lap tray

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